Our History

Bookworld first opened in Cairo Road, Lusaka, in 1991 and currently trades from 15 shops, on high streets, shopping centres and university campuses throughout Zambia.

Their reputation is built upon the enthusiasm of its 150 staff members. Their dedication is manifested by their ability to find titles that the customer wants. The company strives to create places where people who are interested in books can go to browse, a place that encourages new readers to expand horizons and that is home to booksellers that are passionate about the books that they sell.

More About Bookworld

An average sized Bookworld merchandises a range of around 10,000 individual titles in their largest store. Bookworld’s flagship shop is based in the Manda Hill Shopping Centre. With sections concentrating on fiction, academic genres and children’s books (among many other subjects) it is a great resource for booklovers everywhere.

The company is also Zambia’s biggest academic book specialist. It has shops based in two of the University of Zambia’s campuses. The Ridgeway branch in particular specialises in medical books only. This creates an accessible environment for Zambia’s next educated generation. Every year a representative from the Library of Congress visits Bookworld to buy any news books published in Zambia.

A proud promoter of Zambian writers and publishers, Bookworld actively encourages and supports up and coming homegrown talent. Staying true to its identity, it is a longstanding member of the Booksellers Association of Zambia (BAZA). It is through this forum the company contributes to the development of education in Zambia as well as adhering to its famous motto ‘Where Education is Our Priority’.