Anni Dewani: A Fathers Story


Anni: A Father’s Story is an incredibly moving account of his daughter’s life from her happy childhood through to the lavish wedding to Shrien that was meant to signal a new life for the 28-year-old Swedish-born beauty, and the dramatic conclusion of her husband’s trial in 2014.
Dad Vinod Hindocha recounts how his family struggled to cope with the devastating loss of Anni, how they saw their hopes for her future shattered in the blink of an eye at the hands of hitmen – for reasons which still largely remain a mystery – and their battle to see justice done. He also tells of their attempts to reconcile themselves with the court’s verdict and of a future without their beautiful daughter whose life was so cruelly and inexplicably extinguished.

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On November 13, 2010, Anni Dewani was on a dream honeymoon in South Africa after celebrating the happiest day of her life, her marriage to handsome husband Shrien.
But the idyllic holiday took a dramatic and tragic twist when the couple were kidnapped at gunpoint as their taxi drove through a tough township near Cape Town.
Businessman Shrien, from Bristol, was released unharmed by the captors, but Anni was blasted at close range in the neck and died on the spot. Her body was found slumped in the blood-soaked back seat of the cab hours later.
When news of the horrific murder reached her parents they were hit by a double hammer blow – not only did they have to deal with the loss of their beloved daughter in the most brutal of circumstances, but police also told them one of the suspects behind the slaying was her husband.  After a long, drawn-out extradition process, Shrien was brought back for trial in South Africa, piling more agony on the victim’s distraught family.


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