Baseball Bafflers


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It’s the ultimate collection for armchair umpires and baseball fanatics:
Fun and perplexing facts, trivia, games, quotes and zany moments from our nation’s favorite pastime.

The only thing a true baseball fan enjoys as much as cheering on his or her team is swapping stats, facts, trivia and golden moments from the Great American Sport. This thoroughly enjoyable compilation of all-things-baseball includes such fan-talizing topics as Little-known Rules, Trick Plays, Quotes of the Game and Funny Moments. And, perhaps most fun of all, readers can play coach, making such tough calls as these:

– Can a runner ever steal first base?

– What happens when a catcher fields a ball with his mask?

– Can a game continue with eight players on the field?

With information and anecdotes, this big little book is sure to hit a homerun with fans of every stripe.

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