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Glorious History Of India For Children


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This book is attempt to narrate the rich mythology and the glorious history of India. The historical events have been woven together to make an exciting book for children. These events are explained in simple language and are complemented with beautiful illustrations to capture the imagination of young readers. The lessons from Indian history have been highlighted to impart wisdom to children to help them face day to day challenge of life. Every child should read this book to understand our rich heritage and develop a sense of pride for our country.
About the Book
The episodes have been carefully selected in the book which will help to develop the personality of the child and give a birds eye view of Indian history. The great Indian epics of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the teachings of Buddha and Guru Nanak, the battles of the Mughals and the great Indian struggle for independence have all been included in this book.

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