What can I buy?

Online we offer hundreds of products including all of the books from all our departments.

The key differences between our online and store ranges are:

  • Our online Books range is in the thousands and you can order books not available in store.
  • We will soon be offering e-Books that will be purchasable on our online store and downloaded.
  • Online we will soon be selling magazine subscriptions rather than single issues (most at discounts).
  • Our online Stationery department includes most of the ranges you’ll find in our store.

There are some Stationery items we don’t sell online because of age restrictions (some glues and adhesives) and lower priced consumables which are not viable for home delivery (pins, paper clips).  Our online Gifts include personalised products and an extended range of experience gifts.

25 thoughts on “What can I buy?

  1. Charlie says:

    Hi I need the following books and I will send someone to come fetch them soon as available.They are all in Tonga.
    1. AYUMA .By F.M. NYANGA
    2. NYOKO NGUMWI. By L.M.MWIINGA (pub 1967)
    4. MUKANDEKE. By JOSEPH B. MWEEMBA (1966/1990)
    5. TWAAMBO TUMANA MATE. By NYANGA M.C (pub 1990)
    7. TMA. By JOSEPH B. MWEEMBA. (pub 1967)
    8. MUNAMPANDE. By JOSEPH B. MWEEMBA (pub 1983)
    9. IBBAIBBELE (Tonga Bible translated 1930s or 1970s etc)
    And any books written in the Tonga language.
    Would appreciate.

    Let me know when you know them because the folks who will collect theme will be there in the next few days or weeks.

  2. Sharon Moorefield says:

    Do you have Bemba Bibles or Bemba New Testaments? Do you have any Children’s Bible Story Books in Bemba? Do you have a loation in Ndola?

  3. Joshua says:

    Hi, am looking for the book titled ” Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments” i came by your shops both (kitwe and ndola) branch i didn’t find it. Your positive response will be highly appreciated

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