Are we in stock?

Find out on the availability of our products.

Do you stock the products I am looking for online?

Yes, we offer many of the products you would expect to see at our Bookworld shops in the country. The quickest way to check whether we have a product is to use the search tools on our website, which can be found as a clickable search icon at the top of the page, and in the footer of any of our pages.

Are you in stock?

At the moment, all the books that appear on our online store, means that we are in stock of those books. In cases where we may temporarily run out of stock, you may place a back order on a product and be notified as soon as the book is available and in stock.

Leadtimes are usually summarised as 1-3 days, 4-6 days, 1-2 weeks, 2-4weeks or more. All periods are based on working days (Monday to Friday). If you order a product we will ensure it is dispatched to your address within 24 hours of us receiving stock of your product.

Please note, availability information is updated on a daily basis throughout the day. There is a low risk that if our supplier runs out of stock and you place an order before we have updated our stock availability message then you will wait longer for your order than you expected.

Do you have stock in store?

To find out whether your local store has stock of a product please contact the store.

57 thoughts on “Are we in stock?

  1. carol lukeke says:

    I have been to the Kitwe store frequently over the last 2 months looking for an ACCA p3 revision kit but haven’t found any, are you likely to have it in stock anytime soon?

  2. Chola Musonda says:

    Do you have in stock the following book; Top CIMA BPP workbook for the November 2014 sitting? How much is it?

    Chola Musonda

  3. Frederick Mwanza says:

    I need advanced level books for sciences and math. How much are they? Need biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry. They should be the ones recommended for the ‘A’ level Cambridge syllabus

  4. Damaseck Chirwa says:

    i am looking for the following books which where available last time i past through in Kitwe
    1.Power System Analysis & Design, Glover, Sarma and Overbye, 2008, 4th Edition,
    International Student Edition, CENGAGE Learning 0495295965.
    2.Power System Analysis & Design, Glover, Sarma and Overbye, 2015, 5th Edition,
    SI Edition, CENGAGE Learning 101111425795.
    3.Grainger & Stevenson. Power System Analysis. Mc Graw-Hill. ISBN 0071133380.
    5.DG Duffy, Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB 3rd edition(or
    latest), Chapman-Hall/CRC Press, 2010

    please call me on 0978719192 ASAP

  5. FRIDAH MUMBA says:


  6. Munsaka Effraim says:

    Would you have the Anatomy series by BRIAN Chaurasia I.e head and neck, upper and lower limbs, and abdomen? Will appreciate to know the cost of each


    Do you have GRADE 5: Technology Studies, Expressive Arts, Social Studies, Integrated Science books latest edition by Longman publishers? If you have, how much is a copy?

  8. Malama mwale says:

    Looking for zica manuals for L6, L2 and L8 or the same in acca texts (byt most preferably zica manuals) and thier prices

  9. SAMSON CHALWE says:

    I am looking to buy rims of A4 Rotatrim Bond Paper at whole sale price. How much could this be and in what sort of quantities should I have to purchase?

  10. George Banda says:

    Do you have in Stock Pathological Basis of Diseases Robins and Cotram(kumar, abbas, fausto) in Hard cover? How much? Please let me know soonest if you have.

  11. Connie says:

    Hello Bookworld, I’m looking for grade 3 textbooks for CTS,SDS,ENGLISH and MATH. Which branch in Lusaka has them in stock?

  12. Lawrence says:

    I passed through your Lusaka branches and was looking for P1 CIMA text (Management Accounting) which was out of stock early July. Do you now have it in stock by now? If not when are you likely to have it in stock? can I also make an order if it is still out of stock?

  13. Leah says:

    Do you have in stock
    – Business Statistics and Decision Making Approach by David Groebner 6th,7th or 8th Edition
    – Mathematics Higher Level (Core) 3rd Edition by Fabio Cirrito
    – Business Communication by Asha Kaul
    – Economics tenth Edition by David Begg
    – Business Accounting 1 12th Edition Frank Wood
    How much will each book cost?

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